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Yup White Paper: Bringing empathy to the digital space through app-based tutoring

white paperYup White Paper: Bringing empathy to the digital space through app-based tutoring

October 25, 2019

The Yup Student Success Team has been hard at work researching and writing comprehensive resources for parents, their children, and educators! We’re excited to make our first series of white papers available to everyone who wants to better understand the importance and long-term benefits of math tutoring, improved math proficiency, and tutoring technologies.

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The first white paper we’re proud to release is Bringing empathy to the digital space through app-based tutoring. In it, we cover the myriad ways that online tutoring technology can help students build empathy while learning. We believe that this subject deserves coverage and clarification, as there are misconceptions that tutoring apps and other online tutoring providers are impersonal and less effective than their in-person counterparts.

We’ll let you download the full piece and check it out for yourself, but here are just a few of the key points and takeaways you can expect to learn while reading:

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  • How app-based tutoring meets the needs of students in the digital age: busier than ever and under unrivaled pressure to perform academically
  • An overview of in-person tutoring, learning centers, and online tutoring providers, plus a breakdown of how they address individual student needs
  • The importance of early empathy development in children and how teachers and tutors can help foster it in the classroom and beyond
  • Which forms of tutoring technology are particularly effective at building empathy in children while also helping them learn
  • How Yup’s math tutoring app helps develop empathy, confidence, and build Growth Mindsets

Download and read the white paper here, and afterwards check out our second resource in this series. In Why do I have to learn math anyway? we dive into strategies and recommendations for explaining the importance of math to your children!


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