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Math Skills Can Help Your Child Navigate Life

education best practicesMath Skills Can Help Your Child Navigate Life

March 18, 2020

Off the top of your head, some subjects might seem easier to connect to "real life" than others. Reading and writing are an obvious example—we need to be able to read and write in order to communicate with others, drive, and hold most jobs.

It can be difficult for students to make this same connection to math, because the real-life applications of math aren't always so apparent. This makes sense, given that most K-12 students aren't focusing on building their credit or paying taxes. They're more focused on getting their homework done for the night!

Here's a quick roundup of some of the real-life areas made easier by having a solid grasp of math. We hope keeping them on hand helps the next time your child or student asks why learning math is so important.

Financial Skills

Setting Budgets

Knowing how to manage money empowers students to know how to save and allocate funds and pay their bills.

Building Credit

Credit cards and loans have variable interest rates, and it's advantageous to understand how rates and interest work when selecting the best card or loan for your budget.


Students will need to understand how interest rates, fees, and time work together in order to identify profitable investments.

Everyday Tasks


Understanding math will help students better understand prices and discounts to ensure they're making the most of their budget.


Cooking and baking is all about measurements, proportions, and more. When making adjustments to recipes, understanding how to adjust the fractions involved is key.

Jobs and Careers

Nearly every job requires at least a basic knowledge of arithmetic. Higher-paying jobs tend to require more math knowledge, with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workers earning 26% more on average than non-STEM peers!


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