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Yup for Schools Brings Math Tutoring to Students at Scale

yup newsYup for Schools Brings Math Tutoring to Students at Scale

April 10, 2020

At Yup, our mission is to empower every student to learn. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, we look to our mission as a North Star of resolve and certainty. We’re proud to be rolling out Yup for Schools, our program to bring math tutoring resources to schools and their students at scale. As families and educators across the country adapt to remote education, Yup is here to support you.

The Yup App, Our Tutors, and How We Teach

Tens of thousands of students and families know Yup for our on-demand math tutoring app! The Yup Math Tutoring App matches students with an expert math tutor right when they need help.

Our rigorously vetted tutors, educated on NCTM best practices for teaching, work with students for however long they need to solve their questions or understand a concept through guided questioning and building problem-solving routines.

Yup’s Academics Team partnered with external education experts to build our teaching methods. These methods are a set of proven principles for imparting students with the habits and skills they need for long-term learning. You can read more about our research-backed teaching methods here!

Dr. Judah Schwartz, Harvard and MIT Professor Emeritus and Yup Education Advisor says:

“Whether a student is already excelling in math or struggling to pass, Yup is a powerful tool for them. The Yup App gives them access to highly-skilled tutors anytime, with no limits on time or number of tutoring sessions. This consistent access can lead to a significant and sustained improvement in math performance for the student, which could be life-changing.”

Introducing Yup for Schools

Our Yup for Schools program helps us empower every student to learn at a larger scale. We partner with schools and districts to get Yup App access to students taking math classes we cover. Providing students with 24/7 access to tutoring enables them to get the help they need, right when they need it. As students everywhere adapt to remote education, getting immediate support ensures students stay on track and build healthy learning habits.

Yup for Schools empowers educators, too! We’re constantly speaking with our teacher friends and peers who are adjusting to remote education and we consistently hear a shared struggle. With educators learning an entire new mode of teaching online, there is less time than ever for direct instruction and after-class tutoring. These essential supports are necessary for individualized student learning.

The reality: a full class, school, or even state of students adjusting to remote education needs more robust support to stay on track. The Yup App provides students with that support when their teachers are busy tailoring lesson plans for virtual teaching. Teachers can feel confident when Yup steps in to shoulder some of their load, because our tutors build upon the habits, thinking, and mindsets they are already working to build in their own classroom, virtual or otherwise.

What's Included in a Yup for Schools Partnership?

How can Yup help your school reduce educator stress and unlock more time for lesson planning and individual student coaching? We’d love to speak with you and learn about your needs.

Read more about Yup for Schools and fill out our brief contact form to speak with someone from our Schools team. Once up and running with Yup, we will pair you with a Support Specialist to provide personalized onboarding and ongoing support for your school and students. Educators and administrators at partnered schools receive access to a Yup dashboard showcasing their students’ app usage, learning progress, and achievements.

Oakland, CA High School Principal Cesley Frost says:

“When they have a homework question or assignment, they don't want to wait until the next day. That’s what Yup provides for students, that instant access and response to their question.”

We know this is an overwhelming time and we understand if you have more questions. We’d love to hear from you and help answer them! You can fill out the form on our Schools page, send a note to the Schools team, or read our thorough FAQ at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to empowering your students and educators to keep the learning going!

Want to learn how Yup can empower your school?

If you're looking to bring Yup to your school or district, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. If you're a parent or student looking to purchase a Yup plan, please go here.


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