How we teach

Learning Fundamentals that drive understanding, not answer getting

Yup’s mission is to empower every student to learn! Students match with expert, vetted tutors the moment they need help. Yup tutors guide students toward long-term understanding rather than fast answers.

Yup tutors follow our research-backed Learning Fundamentals. The Yup Academics Team developed them with landmark learning literature and education experts.

Yup teaches for student understanding, not just answer getting

Our focus on long-term, generalizable learning ensures student success in and out of the classroom to drive the results you want and achieve our goal of empowering all students.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Yup tutors balance questioning and explanation to ensure conceptual understanding while making students feel heard and supported. Each session, tutors are evaluated on their ability to drive student learning, not just reach answers.

Visible Student Thinking

Before a session starts, students share any progress and explain what is confusing them. Once in the session, they continue to share pictures of their work and answer questions. To round off each problem, tutors ask students to summarize how they solved it because synthesis reinforces learning!

Growth Mindset

We push students to engage in “productive struggle” to strengthen students’ growth mindset. A growth mindset emphasizes embracing challenges and appreciating the learning process. Students with this mindset have a more positive outlook on learning and are more driven intrinsically to succeed!


Meet the Tutoring Team

Yup Math Tutors

Yup tutors are teachers, education professionals, and graduate students with extensive math experience. Only 5% of applicants pass our rigorous screening process for teaching, knowledge, and professionalism. Once part of the Yup family, tutors receive regular feedback to make their teaching even stronger!

Kathleen K.

Yup Math Tutor

“I love tutoring for Yup because I can teach students far beyond the limits of time and location. When a student gains the confidence and skills to succeed in math, it opens up many new opportunities. I feel grateful to play a small role in my students’ successes.”

Yup Tutor Quality Managers

Yup’s Tutor Quality Managers (TQMs) review tutoring sessions to screen them for quality. This screening ensures that tutors put our Learning Fundamentals in practice in every session! Like instructional coaches in a classroom, TQMs provide tutors with actionable feedback to help them improve.

Madhu R.

Yup Tutor Quality Manager

“Yup brings people who share a passion for making a difference in education together, and the team diligently provides nothing but the best to Yup’s users. Yup’s goal of making education more accessible is sure to bring about a change in learning—and I’m excited to be a part of it!”


Meet the Yup Academics Team

The Yup Academics Team has collective decades of classroom and school leadership experience. They work with Yup TQMs to determine how to make teaching more effective. The Academics Team ensures our Learning Fundamentals live in every tutoring session!

Kreg Moccia

Director of Academics

Claire Polcrack

Yup Education Consultant

Emily Banks

Yup Education Consultant

Sharon Matsuoka

Tutor Quality Coordinator

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