Yup’s innovative approach to teaching

Yup’s pedagogy, or teaching methodology, was co-developed with education thought leaders at top universities, and it sets us apart from other tutoring providers.

The way Yup tutors teach helps students build confidence, master concepts, and apply their learnings for long-term success.

The three pillars of Yup pedagogy

Growth mindset

Yup tutors use encouraging language to promote Growth Mindset, a concept pioneered by Stanford professor and leading motivation researcher Carol Dweck, PhD. Growth Mindset is the idea that we grow and better ourselves by learning from mistakes, because a positive and supportive learning environment helps students do their best.

Socratic method

Yup tutors ask guiding questions so that students take a more active role in reaching solutions. There’s a misconception that strong teaching is someone explaining something at you. We believe a collaborative approach rooted in Socratic inquiry is crucial for that long-term understanding.

Learning, not cheating

Yup tutors do not just give away answers. Instead, tutors utilize the Socratic Method and encouraging language to help students learn concepts so that they can confidently apply them long-term—on homework, tests, and in their future math classes.

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Real Yup reviews, real learning

“I really understand now thanks to you. You really helped to make sure that I can get it independently in the future! I feel much more confident for my test.”

— Alexis A.

10th Grade

Windsor Mill, MD

“Thank you so much for the guidance today, because I really enjoyed it. I knew simple concepts, which you helped me expand. I learned how to work off of what I knew, and your drawings really helped me with that. thanks again :)”

— Nicole L.

9th Grade

Irvine, CA

“Thank you so much for helping me today!!! It was really helpful – especially ur example. You had a positive attitude throughout and that really makes a difference.

— Emily K.

7th Grade

Roseville, CA