Yup’s innovative approach to teaching

Yup’s pedagogy, or teaching methodology, was co-developed with education thought leaders at top universities, and it sets us apart from other tutoring providers.

The way Yup tutors teach helps students build confidence, master concepts, and apply their learnings for long-term success.

The three pillars of Yup pedagogy

Growth mindset

Yup tutors use encouraging language to promote Growth Mindset, a concept pioneered by Stanford professor and leading motivation researcher Carol Dweck, PhD. Growth Mindset is the idea that we grow and better ourselves by learning from mistakes, because a positive and supportive learning environment helps students do their best.

Socratic method

Yup tutors ask guiding questions so that students take a more active role in reaching solutions. There’s a misconception that strong teaching is someone explaining something at you. We believe a collaborative approach rooted in Socratic inquiry is crucial for that long-term understanding.

Learning, not cheating

Yup tutors do not just give away answers. Instead, tutors utilize the Socratic Method and encouraging language to help students learn concepts so that they can confidently apply them long-term—on homework, tests, and in their future math classes.

Meet some of our Learning Team

The team at Yup headquarters has deep experience in education and includes former academic deans, teachers, tutors, and authors.

Ari Weiss

Director of Product

Ari received her Master’s Degree in Sociology with a focus in Education from Stanford University. She was a Teach for America corps member from 2012-2014, serving as an elementary school teacher and curriculum lead. Ari now leads product strategy and development for Yup, ensuring that our app adheres to and supports educational best practices.

Kreg Moccia

Director of Academics

Kreg graduated from Harvard University and began his teaching career in Boston. After moving to New York, he taught Algebra, Pre- Calculus, and Statistics at two high-performing charter high schools. Soon after, Kreg became an Academic Dean and coached a team of 10 teachers. Now he leads the strategy and execution for all of Yup’s tutor operations, from applications to professional development.

Claire Polcrack

Math Education Specialist

Claire graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in Mathematics & Secondary Education. After graduating, she joined Teach for America where she taught upper-level math for five years. Most recently, Claire was Achievement Director for five high schools in Connecticut and New York. At Yup, Claire helps set the vision and strategy for Yup’s teaching methods.

Kelsea Rathbun

Teaching Quality Analyst

Kelsea earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Wichita State University, specializing in Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction. She spent 3 years in the Wichita Public School system working with at-risk and special needs middle schoolers as a student teacher, paraeducator, and A.V.I.D. program tutor. She now uses her passion for math and numbers to manage data and analytics on the Yup Tutor Operations team.

Sharon Matsuoka

Tutor Quality Coordinator

Sharon graduated cum laude from California State University, San Marcos with a major in Mathematics. After receiving her teaching credential from CSU, she taught high school math for 5 years. Sharon has also served as a contributing author and math proofer for Perfection Learning’s textbooks. Currently, Sharon develops the Yup tutor applicant subject exams, grades the teaching exams, and develops our tutor fleet to help them be the best in the industry.

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