Many schools around the country are facing these challenges


The end result is tired teachers who are stretched thin trying their best, and students who still have significant learning gaps.


But it's hard to find good math teachers

Hiring additional teachers is a challenge, both because of budgets and just finding great teachers to fill open roles.

With all these constraints, how can school leaders ensure that learning gaps are closed, and that students are set up to succeed with math?

Yup is here to support with

24/7 Math Tutoring

We provide on-demand math tutoring, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can get help whenever they’re studying at home, or are stuck on their math homework.

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How does Yup work?

Your students don’t need to book ahead of time: whenever they're stuck, they open the Yup app (on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or Chromebook) and snap a photo of where they’re stuck. In a minute or two, they’ll be connected one-on-one with an expert math tutor who is experienced in working with middle and high school students.

Student submits math problem

Student submits math problem

Student connects to tutor in seconds

Student connects to tutor in seconds

Student and tutor start solving

Student and tutor start solving

Session data on Yup Dashboard

Session data on Yup Dashboard

See Yup in action!

The best way to get a better sense of what we offer is to see it in action. Here's a 3 minute video (1.5 minutes if you watch at double-speed!) showing a student and tutor interacting:

Bring safe, worry-free tutoring to your students

Reduce the demand on your teachers

Reduce the demand on your teachers

Students are able to access support anytime, allowing teachers to focus their time and effort where it matters most. Also, the message and whiteboard history is saved, so the student (and their classroom teacher) can review any tutoring session in the future.

Offer safe tutoring to your students

All interactions between students and tutors are via messages, images and a virtual whiteboard. We've seen that some students who are shy about asking for help in person are more comfortable with this, because they don't need to show their face like they would on a video call.

Increase your students' engagement

Increase your students' engagement

Often, students who are behind are 'checked out' during regular math class, because they can't follow the material. With Yup's tutors helping students catch up, these kids start to become more engaged with the grade-level content being covered in the classroom.

But will it work for your school?

Will it work with my curriculum?

"Will it work with my curriculum?"

We do all the work to set up access, and provide teachers with materials they can use to introduce Yup to their students. Our tutors work with students on whatever topic they need, and don't require the student to use any specific curriculum or book.

Can remote tutors really help?

"Can remote tutors really help?"

Each time a student connects with a tutor, they start by showing what they're working on. This means the tutor can meet the student where they're at, without any preconceived notion of where the student 'should' be based on their grade. This eliminates any chance of students being embarrassed when they're asking for help.

Do we have the budget?

"Do we have the budget?"

Getting Yup is straightforward. Many schools of all types (public, private, charter, and even online schools) have found Yup fits within their budget, and is easy to introduce. Yup not only costs less than a math teacher, but even less than a teaching assistant. And that's for 24/7 access for all students.

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