The best math tutors, there when students need them

Yup tutors are current and former teachers, education professionals, and graduate students with extensive math experience.

They are thoroughly screened for math expertise and teaching skills with a rigorous application process.

This process ensures that Yup students receive the highest quality math help from committed tutors.

Meet Mark Leibtog, Yup tutor

  • Studied Business and Education
  • 9 years of teaching experience
  • Yup tutor since September 2015

“Since I can remember, I have always loved math! At Yup, I value the opportunity to help students from all around the world understand it, and maybe even enjoy it!”

Mark Leibtog, Yup tutor

Meet Madhu Raman, Yup tutor

  • Studied Engineering in Electronics & Communication
  • 6 years of teaching experience
  • Yup tutor since August 2015

“I’ve been with Yup for many years now and I thoroughly enjoy working here. Yup brings people who share a passion for making a difference in education together, and the team diligently provides nothing but the best to Yup’s users. Yup’s goal of making education more accessible is sure to bring about a change in learning—and I’m excited to be a part of it!”

Madhu Raman, Yup tutor

How Yup guarantees high-quality tutoring

Teaching Review

Every single tutoring session is hand-graded by a Tutor Quality Manager to ensure adherence to Yup’s pedagogy, or teaching methods.

Tutor Enrichment

Yup provides all tutors with enrichment resources, like courses and feedback, to help them improve their skills.

Session Grading

Sessions are scored on our proprietary rubric that measures how well Yup tutors teach concepts and engage students in active problem-solving.

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