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Because everyone needs a hand sometimes

Yup tutors take the time to make sure my daughter understands concepts behind problems, in a way that is supportive and encouraging. She went from stressed out to confident and received an A on her exam.

Elizabeth W.

Parent to 10th Grader Nicole, Los Angeles

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Because who doesn't need a helping hand sometimes?

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Yup offers 1:1, unlimited expert math tutoring - anytime, anywhere

We get it - you're busy. Who knows when you have time to do homework, and teachers can't always be around to answer your questions. Yup's online and mobile platforms enable acccess to expert math tutoring any time of day, from anywhere.

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Tutors receive ongoing training and support from our education experts to ensure continued success.

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Working with students means privacy and security is always top of mind. Yup guarantees compliance - and beyond - with a number of Federal and State policies to ensure safe and fun learning interactions.

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