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How Yup WorksYup supports the learning already happening in classrooms

For StudentsYup means 24/7 one-on-one tutoring and on-demand access to a supportive learning environment.

For TeachersYup is a tool to support every student and get data-driven insights on student learning.

Yup supports the learning already happening in classrooms

Student submits a math problem

Students upload a math problem by taking a photo or using the screen capture tool.


Student connects to a live tutor in seconds

Our Smart Matching technology instantly pairs students with the best tutor for them and their problem. Smart Matching takes into consideration tutor subject area expertise and the student's previous experience with specific tutors.


Student and tutor start solving together

Yup enables students and tutors to communicate securely and solve problems collaboratively in their own virtual classroom. They use a number of tools to aid instruction including a digital whiteboard, equation writing, graphical interfaces, and image sharing.


Teacher has all session data on Yup Dashboard

Yup provides full transparency into every student-tutor interaction on our platform. Teachers can see usage metrics, access transcripts, and review personalized tutor summaries for each session.

Learn how Yup's technology powers our tutoring

Match with Your Favorite Tutors

Match with Your Favorite Tutors

Students can add tutors to their own list of Favorite Tutors. If these tutors are available when students request help, Yup’s Smart Matching prioritizes matching them together.

Build Connection

Build Connection

Students can get to know their tutors by reading curated tutor profiles. They can learn about tutor career aspirations, reasons they love math, and fun facts such as their favorite foods. This helps students build rapport before diving into the math.

Revisit Past Sessions

Revisit Past Sessions

Students can always go back and view sessions at a later date in order to brush up on a concept or study for an exam.

Learn on Any Device

Learn on Any Device

Students can work with Yup tutors on a laptop via web browser or mobile app. This provides multiple points of access and puts the power of Yup on every students' favorite device.

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