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“The tutors are excellent teachers and are very kind and patient. Definitely would recommend this to a friend.”

– Arthur A.

Dad to 10th Grader Katerina

Union City, NJ

“I could not be prouder”

I have to say without Yup my daughter would have struggled, and I am glad to have invested in her efforts and will be investing in both my daughters every year from here to keep them focused and always learning. Lacy was not doing well in her third set of weeks in math (almost failing) and without Yup she would have struggled further.

I am proud to say my little girl triumphed the last for weeks with a “B” average for the school year. Teachers were in awe of her performance and could not believe over time how she triumphed after one talk with her parents and teacher. She made the honor role and I could not be prouder. I now have a confident future six grader ready tackle all the math problems with confidence and with Yup as her study buddy.

– Keith M.

Dad to 5th Grader Lacy

Columbus, OH

“Love that my daughter has access 24/7. With school activities she isn’t always doing homework at conventional times. The tutors have all been great.”

– Amanda W.

Mom to 9th Grader Yanna

Omaha, NE

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“It has given her so much more confidence”

My daughter has always struggled with math throughout grade school and in to JH. We decided to give Yup a try to see if we could improve her grades and her confidence for her freshman year. I can’t tell you what an amazing experience it has been! She went from a C-D average to being a A-B student!! It has given her so much more confidence. Her being able to understand her homework is worth every cent!

I’m so glad we found Yup! The ease of access for her to be able to use it whenever she needs it is such an amazing benefit! And not only the tutors but the people at Yup care about making it the best experience for her! Thank you for this amazing opportunity for her! We love Yup and will continue to use it through out her HS years!

– Mandy A.

Mom to 9th Grader Macie

Giltner, NE

“My son, Ethan, likes the quick access and concise tutoring method that Yup provides.”

– Suk-Yee W.

Mom to 9th Grader Ethan

Middle Village, NY

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“Such a huge improvement”

Yup has given our son the on-demand tutoring and help with math that he has needed going on our 2nd year. Having the patient and at home guidance that this app and its tutors provide has helped raised his math grade substantially and improved his confidence with the subject tremendously. We have never experienced any glitches in the app and it has always works quickly and efficiently.

– Rebekah G.

Mom to 8th Grader Blake

Valencia, CA


“We just wanted to say Happy Holidays to the Yup Team and pass along Blake’s end of the term math grade. This is such a huge improvement. Thank you so much.”


“It has improved my son’s math grade by 2 grades in the past 2 years. The tutors are very patient and helpful and always available!”


“Just wanted to share Blake’s final 8th grade math grades with you all. Such a miracle. Thank you so much!”

“I’ve seen a significant improvement from my son and that made it easier for the whole family! No more attitude when working on his homework cause of help he is getting from Yup. Thanks”

– Grace H.

Mom to 10th Grader Resty

Marysville, WA

“I thank you for all the help my daughter received, it allowed her to graduate from high school.”

– Angie B.

Mom to 12th Grader Hannah

Cypress Inn, TN

“Yup eliminates a lot of her anxiety”

My daughter is struggling in math, turns out she has autism and she’s so high functioning she wasn’t even diagnosed until she was 14.  But written instruction works better with her than verbal commands. Yup has been nothing but a complete blessing because she doesn’t have the anxiety of dealing with face to face tutoring. Or the anxiety of seeing videos. Yup eliminates a lot of her anxiety.

I love that you have the notes on your website [family portal] and I can see how she’s interacting with her [tutors].  And how they aren’t giving her the answers but are helping her develop to the answer.

– Angela P.

Mom to 8th Grader Amanda

Fullerton, ND

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“First time that Ryan has ever received a 4.0 GPA”

I’m dropping you a quick note to let you know about our son Ryan and his progress in the Spring semester for Geometry that recently ended. When I wrote to you below [back in March] Ryan had a 73% in his Geometry class approaching the mid-way point. With Yup’s tutors he was able to raise his overall grade to 90.18% for a final grade of A-. This is the first time that Ryan has ever received a 4.0 GPA in high school

– Andrew E.

Dad to 10th Grader Ryan

Castaic, CA

“So very easy to get on to and to watch or follow Noah as he works. He loves the app. Tutors teach him formulas his teacher doesn’t!! His grade has come up to a B with your wonderful tutors. He loved each one he worked with.”

– Connie L.

Mom to 10th Grader Noah

Elephant Butte, NM

“Because my daughter stresses so much over her math and instead of me trying to help and getting yelled at, she uses Yup. Saves me. And her!”

– Grace H.

Mom to College Student Antonina

Jackson, WY

“Wanted to tell you that Olivia LOVED her tutor tonight!!! Best one ever she said, her name was Ms Klatt!!!!! Nice to hear the good stuff”

– Terri J.

Mom to College Student Olivia

Knoxville, TN

“Yup is a fantastic program and we wouldn’t change anything! It’s really helpful that it is now offered quarterly.

– Cristina B.

Mom to 10th Grader Ella

Seattle, WA

“Unlimited tutoring help at your fingertips 24/7”

Parents that pay for tutoring have to drive their kids to a location like a starbucks, drive their kids back home, and then the costs for a 1-hour session 1-2x week cannot compare with having unlimited tutoring help at your fingertips 24/7. We tell all our friends that are paying for tutors…gently…that there’s a better way that will not provide answers but instead help their child learn their math lessons. With Ryan being a Junior, we’ve stressed to him over the last year that he had to learn his math because it was going to come up again on the SAT (which he just took) so that made the idea of using the Yup service consistently all the more ‘appealing’ to him.

– Andrew E.

Dad to 10th Grader Ryan

Castaic, CA

“I like that my daughter can do short bursts”

I like the one-on-one attention; the lack of distractions often experienced when there are other students; the fact that she has to write what she’s thinking — which has her think more about her work; and the tutors’ focus on understanding (learning rules, pattens, etc); and I like that my daughter can do short bursts, then go back to a session — something not possible with on-site tutoring. Frankly I was skeptical about this approach so I’m surprised to see it working so well for her. 🙂

– Louisa V.

Mom to 8th Grader Michaela

Mamaroneck, NY

“The tutors are very positive, thorough, and confidence-boosting!”

Can’t say enough good things about this program! Yup has completely turned our daughter’s math experience around. She went from a stressed out, struggling math student to full confidence and an A grade on her final exam in a matter of weeks! The platform is perfect for her and the tutors are very positive, thorough, and confidence-boosting! They take time to make sure she understands the concepts behind the problems in a way that is very supportive and encouraging so she feels proud of what she does know instead of embarrassed by what she doesn’t.

Yup was a lifesaver for our daughter. She has a good grasp of Algebra 2 now. The app is very easy to use and the availability of the tutors is also a key factor – the ability to instantly receive support as needed reduces the frustration time immensely!

– Cristina B.

Mom to 10th Grader Ella

Seattle, WA

“Your app continues to be a hit. Casper nailed an 88% on his last quiz… a new high.”

– Alex R.

Dad to 9th Grader Casper

Medina, WA

“This thing is amazing – it’s amazing”

It’s very helpful for me because I have no time to help her out. There’s homework and I’m a single mother that works a lot so I’m never home. So this thing is amazing – it’s amazing. I’ve been telling my friends about this program that is very helpful. I’m so happy with this.

Not only does she feel more confident, but she’s on level 4 now and she used to be level 2. All of a sudden she’s on level 4 in her course and getting 100s. She was on the lowest in the table and now she’s on the top! I pay money so that she’s doing great. I try my best because I know I’ve been struggling for my whole life all along so I don’t want that for her, so I want her to be comfortable.

– Claudette P.

Mom to 7th Grader Shenika

Margate, FL

“I have loved this app for my children! Your tutors have been amazing mostly teaching a concept that wasn’t explained well in school. We will definitely be back when my youngest needs help.”

– Lisa G.

Mom to 11th Grader Shannon

Chautauqua, NY

“This organization is truly amazing…”

It’s important for me as a parent who works two jobs to know my girls will be well supported in the educational endeavors, by giving them confidence and growth. This is why I invested in Yup as a tool for Emerson 11 year old, and soon enough Avery my nine year old. Keep up the great work, this organization is truly amazing…

– Oscar M.

Dad to 5th Grader Emerson

Dover, OH

“Greater understanding and confidence”

My son tells me that a Yup tutor was able to show him an understandable way to work out a difficult calculus problem. In just a week tyler has developed a greater understanding and confidence in his ability to do calculus.

– Catherine H.

Mom to 11th Grader Tyler

Manorville, NY

“Casper is getting much better traction in his math class now that he has Yup. He has a Quiz tomorrow. Also thank you for the bag of Yup swag.”

– Alex R.

Dad to 9th Grader Casper

Medina, CA

“NO summer school!”

All I can say is Noah set himself up by taking classes that where advanced and he didn’t have the support classes to take them. Lol. But with your amazing tutors, he is getting it and will pass these two classes. NO summer school! Yea… you guys are amazing and this was my last option to get him help. Thank you so much!

– Connie L.

Mom to 10th Grader Noah

Elephant Butte, NM

“Very positive, student-centered, confidence-building tutoring. Excellent availability & platform.”

– Cristina B.

Mom to 10th Grader Noah

Seattle, WA

“He has truly become more confident”

The way that Yup helps is by teaching, quizing, and reinforcing. My son receives instantaneous feedback from a tutor who not only understands the material, but also has the ability to teach effectively. Answers are not provided. Instead, my son is guided and asked pertinent questions to help him discover the answer.

My son received a C+ grade taking Algebra I as a Freshman…without Yup. He then received an A- for his final grade in Trigonometry as a Sophomore while using Yup, and has a B+ currently at the halfway point of the first semester of Algebra II as a Junior. My son used to feel math was his worst subject – he has truly become more confident in his ability to analyze and successfully complete a variety of algebraic equations. Your tutoring staff has helped him gain the confidence needed to do his best in different high school math classes. Thank you.

– Andrew E.

Dad to 10th Grader Ryan

Castaic, CA

“She’s not distracted by other students”

She likes it — and an unexpected advantage of Yup is that she’s not distracted by other students during the session. She’s more focused, and hopefully learning more. Recent grades have been good, too!

– Louisa V.

Mom to 8th Grader Michaela

Mamaroneck, NY

“About 12 days ago we signed up with Yup and the results we have seen with our daughter has been absolutely amazing!

– Jesse T.

Mom to 8th Grader Reesë

Cincinnati, OH

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