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It has given her so much more confidence

My daughter has always struggled with math throughout grade school and in to JH. We decided to give Yup a try to see if we could improve her grades and her confidence for her freshman year. I can't tell you what an amazing experience it has been! She went from a C-D average to being a A-B student!! It has given her so much more confidence. Her being able to understand her homework is worth every cent!

I'm so glad we found Yup! The ease of access for her to be able to use it whenever she needs it is such an amazing benefit! And not only the tutors but the people at Yup care about making it the best experience for her! Thank you for this amazing opportunity for her! We love Yup and will continue to use it through out her HS years!

Mandy A.
Mandy A.
Mom to 9th Grader Macie
Giltner, NE

Love that my daughter has access 24/7. With school activities she isn't always doing homework at conventional times. The tutors have all been great.

Amanda W.
Mom to 9th Grader Yanna
Omaha, NE

Such a huge improvement

Yup has given our son the on-demand tutoring and help with math that he has needed going on our 2nd year. Having the patient and at home guidance that this app and its tutors provide has helped raised his math grade substantially and improved his confidence with the subject tremendously. We have never experienced any glitches in the app and it has always works quickly and efficiently.

Rebekah G.
Rebekah G.
Mom to 8th Grader Blake
Valencia, CA

I've seen a significant improvement from my son and that made it easier for the whole family! No more attitude when working on his homework cause of help he is getting from Yup. Thanks

Grace H.
Mom to 10th Grader Resty
Marysville, WA

Yup eliminates a lot of her anxiety

My daughter is struggling in math, turns out she has autism and she's so high functioning she wasn't even diagnosed until she was 14. But written instruction works better with her than verbal commands. Yup has been nothing but a complete blessing because she doesn't have the anxiety of dealing with face to face tutoring. Or the anxiety of seeing videos. Yup eliminates a lot of her anxiety.

I love that you have the notes on your website [family portal] and I can see how she's interacting with her [tutors]. And how they aren't giving her the answers but are helping her develop to the answer.

Angela P.
Angela P.
Mom to 8th Grader Amanda
Fullerton, ND
School hallway

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