Give your child 24/7 unlimited access to expert tutors for a flat fee

Open the app to get started

Whenever your child needs math tutoring or help getting unstuck on homework, they can open the app, snap a picture of the problem or concept they need help with, and request a tutor.

Connect to a tutor in under 60 seconds

Smart Matching™ technology makes sure that students are paired with the best tutor for their math needs so that every 1:1 tutoring session is personalized and effective. Yup’s expert tutors spend as much time as needed with your child to explain concepts and work together to solve math problems. 

Solve together with collaborative tools

The Yup app is designed by education experts to facilitate learning and problem-solving with messaging and a live digital whiteboard where tutors can draw, highlight key points, and add notes in real-time. Your child can have unlimited sessions with no time limits—sessions can last from minutes to several hours. All messages exchanged between the tutor and your child are recorded and available for your review on a personalized dashboard that also displays learning progress.

Yup gets an A+ from trusted names in education

Parents love Yup’s high-quality, convenient, and cost-effective tutoring

“Yup tutors take the time to make sure my daughter understands concepts behind problems, in a way that is supportive and encouraging. Now she’s less stressed, more confident, and even got an A on her exam.”

– Liz, Nicole’s Mom

Students love using Yup to get unstuck and master math concepts

“Ms. P was honestly an amazing teacher. She not only sent me instructions and tips on how to solve the problems, but she helped diversify my understanding of the problem. As an eighth grader doing geometry is a little bit frightening sometimes but Ms. P made it seem very easy and approachable.”

– Stephanie, 8th grade

Yup tutors are experts in all math, from addition to SAT prep

We know that some schools have different naming conventions for math classes. We cover Integrated Math (Math 1, Math 2, Math 3) and all K-12 grade Common Core math. Yup can also be used for SAT and SAT II preparation. Contact us if you are unsure if we cover your class or subject area!

Still wondering if Yup is right for your family?

  • Is your student enrolled in 3rd – 12th grade math?
  • Does your student have access to a smartphone or tablet?
  • Do you want your student to actually learn concepts for long-term math success?

If you answered yes to all of the above, we’d love to share more about our customizable plans and pricing.