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Online Math Tutoring for Schools

Yup is your Math Teacher Multiplier

We deliver cost-effective, 1:1 math tutoring that expands math teacher capacity, while accelerating student achievement at scale. Our core belief that ‘everything starts with the teacher’ drives our efforts to connect tutoring to the classroom and integrate it within the school day or curriculum.

How Online Math Tutoring Services Help Administrators

Challenges: Unfinished Learning, Achievement Gap, Teacher Shortage

School leaders are working overtime to address unfinished learning exacerbated by school closures. Students need personal, one-on-one support, both in the wake of the pandemic and beyond. Unfortunately teachers who are often stretched thin are not always able to deliver that level of attention at every moment, and a national teacher shortage in secondary math makes additional hiring a challenge.

Challenges: Unfinished Learning, Achievement Gap, Teacher Shortage

Response: Online Math Tutoring

Integrating online tutoring into your academic initiatives can expand the capacity of your teaching team and support student achievement. Yup's unlimited, personalized, 24/7 on-demand tutoring is like having a Teaching Assistant in every classroom to give students the help they need right when they need it. Regardless of the type or structure of your school, or the individual needs and learning styles of your students, Yup will work with you to ensure your school gets the most out of employing effective, evidence-based tutoring practices.

Response: Online Math Tutoring

Achieve your goals while supporting your teachers and students

Accelerate Math Achievement

Yup's expert tutors and evidence-based Teaching Framework drive long-term learning and help students build positive relationships with math.

Establish Equitable Access to Tutoring

With Yup, each of your students, including those who don't typically have access to private tutoring, will benefit from personalized instruction.

Expand Teacher Capacity

Yup extends teachers' reach inside and outside the classroom and allows them to apply their focus where it's needed most.

How Yup Reinvents Online Math Tutoring for Schools

While students can access private online tutoring sessions with Yup's expert tutors outside of class, 24/7, Yup's Math Learning Support System can also be integrated into the school day. We collaborate with schools to develop effective tutoring programs shaped by administrators and teachers that meet the specific needs of your district, school, classrooms, and individual students. From High Dosage Tutoring and targeted test preparations, to around-the-clock instructional support and homework help, Yup is here to support you.

Student submits math problem

Student submits math problem

School students simply snap a photo of a problem they are working on and can connect with Yup tutors on any device

Student connects to tutor in seconds

Student connects to tutor in seconds

Yup's Smart Matching technology connects them with an expert tutor instantly for a private tutoring session

Student and tutor start solving

Student and tutor start solving

Through our text-based platform, Yup tutors work with your students until they fully understand the concept, not just until they get the right answer.

Session data on Yup Dashboard

Session data on Yup Dashboard

All schools have access to a dashboard showcasing student usage, progress metrics and session transcripts.

Why Online Math Tutoring Is Effective for Schools

Math achievement has dropped nationwide, according to a report that examined scores from 4.4 million school students, and unfinished learning has impacted students around the country.
Dozens of studies demonstrate that tutoring accelerates student achievement across grade levels. With the right tutoring supports in place, students gain the equivalent of 3-15 months of extra classroom instructional time.
Districts around the country are turning to tutoring programs as a proven method to boost student learning and success.
Susanna Loeb
Susanna Loeb
Professor of Education and Director of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University

Turn to Yup for High-Quality, High-Dosage Tutoring


Math support built on effective, evidence-based practices

Yup affords schools the ability to employ the most effective tutoring practices while supplementing classroom-based learning throughout the school day and when students are at home. From our NCTM aligned pedagogy, to our commitment towards establishing an HDT program that works for your school, Yup is here to support you.


Data-driven insights at your fingertips

Yup partner schools receive personalized dashboards showcasing student usage and progress metrics. All tutoring session transcripts as well as tutor session summaries are made available so teachers and administrators can further identify student knowledge gaps and supplement their lessons accordingly.


Privacy and security, guaranteed

Working with students means privacy and security is always a top priority. Yup guarantees compliance - and beyond - with Federal and State policies to ensure safe, fun and productive learning interactions.

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