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Empower your teachers and students with 24/7 math support

Yup for Schools aims to provide all students and schools with the tools and opportunities to foster long-term learning.

Want to learn how Yup can empower your school?

If you’re looking to bring Yup to your school or district, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. If you’re a parent or student looking to purchase a Yup plan, please go here.

How Yup Works

Whenever a student needs help with math, they can use the Yup App on their phone or tablet

Snap a photo of a problem

Connect to a tutor in minutes

Solve the problem together

What’s Included in a Yup for Schools Partnership

Actionable Student Data

Yup partner schools receive access to a personalized dashboard showcasing student progress metrics and app usage. All tutoring session transcripts are made available as well, so teachers and administrators can further identify their students’ knowledge gaps and supplement their lessons accordingly.

Teacher Support

Yup tutors are available around the clock to provide students with 1:1 math instruction. When schools partner with Yup, they unlock valuable time for their teachers to focus on lesson planning, grading, and the many other responsibilities in the daily life of a teacher—all with the peace of mind that their students are getting the additional support they need.

Strong Learning Habits

Yup tutors work with students to cultivate transferable, long-term learning habits.  Our tutors teach according to our Understand, Plan, Solve, Check, Reflect (UPSCR) model for problem-solving.  UPSCR encourages students to develop self-monitoring, persistence and reflection habits that extend beyond their math studies.

Accessible Pricing

We believe that access to education should be equitable. Yup for Schools provides schools and districts with remote learning and tutoring support at an accessible price. Pricing is dependent on a number of factors such as how many students will be accessing the platform.

Teachers love Yup’s personalized instruction

“Our school started using Yup this year and we were really impressed. Students who don’t typically have access to tutoring feel empowered to learn on their own with Yup! Any school that is looking for a personalized approach to math instruction should be looking at Yup.”


Instructional Coach/Tech Integration Coach
Synergy Academies

What sets Yup apart


  • Yup tutoring is available 24/7 and the app connects students to a tutor within minutes
  • Our tutors provide students with on-demand personalized instruction to meet their learning needs

Top Tutors

  • Tutor Quality Managers review Yup sessions to provide our tutors with consistent feedback
  • Yup tutors are thoroughly vetted for expertise in our rigorous application process

Modern Teaching

  • Students find our text-based platform accessible and convenient
  • Tutors use research-backed methods such as NCTM principles and Growth Mindset