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Online Math Tutoring for School Students

Yup is your virtual, on-demand, Math Teaching Assistant

Yup’s Math Learning Support System extends the reach of teachers by giving each of your students 24/7 access to personalized math tutoring, and giving you full control over how those tutors complement your instruction as well as the resulting learning data. Just like a Teaching Assistant, Yup aims to make your life easier, lighten your workload and ultimately reduce burnout.

Drew Karimlou

Our school started using Yup this year and we were really impressed. Students who don't typically have access to tutoring feel empowered to learn on their own with Yup! Any school that is looking for a personalized approach to math instruction should be looking at Yup.

Drew Karimlou

Instructional CoachSynergy Academies

How Online Math Tutoring Services Help Students

In 2020, the pandemic was a curveball that threw the state of education for a loop. Schools were forced to abruptly close and switch to remote learning. The unexpected time away from classrooms created widespread gaps between student grade levels and their educational performance. Dozens of studies have demonstrated that tutoring works to accelerate student achievement across grade levels.

Elementary and Middle School Students

A recent meta-analysis demonstrated that tutoring was the most effective among more than a dozen other academic interventions for K-8 students from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Tutoring support systems can help school students increase their test scores and gain the equivalent of 3-15 months of extra classroom instructional time.

    High School Students

    In a 2017 study, tutoring services for 9th and 10th graders:

    • Raised students' national percentile ranking on math exams by >20%
    • Increased student GPAs by 0.58 out of a 4.0 grade point scale
    • Caused failure rates in math to fall by >50%

    College Students

    College-level math classes are frequently gatekeepers to other courses and eventual graduation.

    Online math tutoring can help college students better understand the material and succeed in their coursework, helping them advance their postsecondary goals.

      What Is Online Math Tutoring for School Students?

      Yup is an on-demand, online tutoring service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yup's unlimited, personalized math tutoring helps your students any time, anywhere. Whether during class, study hall, or at home, Yup makes personalized tutoring simple and a natural extension of your classroom.

      Student submits math problem

      Student submits math problem

      School students simply snap a photo of a problem they are working on and can connect with Yup tutors on any device

      Student connects to tutor in seconds

      Student connects to tutor in seconds

      Yup's Smart Matching technology connects them with an expert tutor instantly for a private tutoring session

      Student and tutor start solving

      Student and tutor start solving

      Through our text-based platform, Yup tutors work with your students until they fully understand the concept, not just until they get the right answer.

      Session data on Yup Dashboard

      Session data on Yup Dashboard

      All schools have access to a dashboard showcasing student usage, progress metrics and session transcripts.

      How Online Math Tutoring Services Help Teachers

      Yup's online tutoring service accelerates student learning while expanding teacher capacity. Teachers are dedicated to their work and their students, yet frequently they are overwhelmed, under-resourced, and can suffer from burnout. Yup is here to be your math teacher multiplier. Yup's unlimited, personalized, on-demand tutoring is like having a Teaching Assistant to support you and your students anytime, anywhere.

      Extend your reach

      Yup's 24/7 chat-based platform is there for all of your students. Yup tutoring can be integrated into the school day, helping you make sure all students get the help they need, when they need it.

      Focus on what you need

      Yup’s unlimited personalized tutoring gives peace of mind knowing your students have the support they need, and lets you focus your time and effort where it matters most.

      Use data to find what works

      Yup's Dashboard give you real-time access to student usage metrics, session transcripts, and summaries that recap student learning. Our School Success Team reviews all sessions and shares data-driven insights every week.

      “You deserve support that's easy to use and aligned to what you're doing”

      ~ Yup Team

      Tutoring that ensures deep understanding

      Yup's evidence-based Teaching Framework draws heavily from the The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' (NCTM) Teaching Practices. Our Framework encourages tutors to use a question-based approach to uncover misconceptions and develop conceptual understanding while making sure students feel heard and supported.

      Expert tutors who meet students where they're at

      Our rigorous application process ensures tutors have strong math fundamentals and effective written communication skills, so they can assist any student across all grade levels. Less than 5% of applicants are accepted. Tutors' sessions are hand-graded by a Tutor Quality Manager to ensure adherence to Yup's Teaching Framework.

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