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The Benefits of Subscription-Based Learning for Education

Learning SupportThe Benefits of Subscription-Based Learning for Education

November 16, 2021

Subscription services are skyrocketing in popularity. The subscription economy is predicted to grow from $650 billion to to $1.5 trillion by 2025, driven in part by the COVID-19 crisis.

Paying for things by a recurring steady fee (weekly, monthly, or annually) as opposed to one-off payments is increasingly being used for all kinds of products and services, from gym memberships and food delivery to platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube.

Education is no exception to this trend. Subscription-based learning services are growing in popularity around the world, and with good reason. This post will take a look at some of the benefits of this learning method, and how it can help both students and teachers.

The benefits of subscription learning

Manageable cost

Subscription services allow users to pay for a certain length of time as opposed to a lifetime fee. This is often a more manageable option for many learners and allows them to access all their learning materials, resources, and tools without having to break the bank. Annual subscriptions, in particular, help create enough consistency to encourage ongoing usage without breaking the bank.

Since school funding is granted in annual cycles, subscriptions are usually the most cost effective options for schools.


More often than not, subscription-based learning is digital learning - usually based on a software platform that can be accessed from a range of devices wherever you are. Also, payments can typically be made much more easily and smoothly. Students have been asked to learn and access materials in a variety of different settings over the last 18 months; schools are embracing the value of accessibility more than ever before.


When you’re paying for a service at regular intervals, there’s more of an incentive to use it regularly to make the most of your subscription. With a one-off purchase it’s easy to forget about it and fall out of the habit of using it, but subscriptions have a way of keeping people engaged and continuing to derive value from the service.

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Constant access to resources

Compared to static, one-off resources, subscription learning services tend to update regularly. This means with a good subscription platform you’ll get new content and materials on a regular basis so you never run out of things to learn.

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Yup believes in the value of subscription-based learning.  We believe that the ongoing engagement this model requires us to have with our customers is what makes us strong and committed to continual improvement.

Our service offers on-demand, one-on-one access to professional math tutors so learners can supplement their existing education on their own time, focusing on the topics they choose. To learn more about how Yup works and get started, schedule a demo with us.


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