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Meet the High Schooler Using Yup to Master Geometry

student storiesMeet the High Schooler Using Yup to Master Geometry

February 6, 2020

Meet Mya and Michelle

Michelle watched her daughter Mya grapple with math from an early age. “Math was hard for her, even when she was little. Early math, things like counting money, they just didn’t seem to click.”

As Mya progressed through elementary and middle school, math was causing stress and anxiety. “We spent $4000 on in-person tutoring in 8th grade alone,” Michelle recounts. Mya was running into roadblocks on her homework, challenged by the concepts that she wasn’t grasping in class. Math was a source of constant frustration, sleepless nights, and meltdowns. Parents, does this sound familiar?

“She wanted to learn,” says Michelle, “and not just get through each task. I wanted her to understand and apply what she learned just as badly as she did.”

The Breaking Point

After 8th grade, Mya transitioned to online high school. Her family thought that a more comfortable environment would provide a better opportunity for Mya to spend time working through math challenges with an in-person tutor. Unfortunately, the rigid structure of in-person tutoring wasn’t working as they had hoped. “It was a frustrating experience for Mya,” Michelle confides. “Traditional tutors are like ‘Go work on the problem and then get back to me.’ That wasn’t working for her at all.”

Things reached a breaking point when Mya began 10th grade and had to take Geometry. The family’s stress level was through the roof and Michelle began looking around for something, anything, that could help alleviate her daughter’s struggle! Through a referral on their former school’s website, Michelle discovered Yup.

The 'Aha!' Moment

“The first session with a Yup tutor was an ‘Aha!’ moment for me. I had minimal teacher interaction before, and now all of a sudden I had someone who was really working with me and helping me,” says Mya.

“She just had the biggest smile on her face and told me ‘I actually get it now!’” Michelle added. She remarked at how Mya responded particularly well to the emphasis on collaboration and truly personalized lessons. Her Yup tutors took as much time as she needed to fully grasp the concept, unlike the time-crunched tutoring sessions of the past.

Mya began to participate in daily Yup sessions, and Michelle noticed a difference right away. “I could see that Mya’s tutors were building her confidence. When she finished a session, I could just tell that she was getting it.”

Next Stop, Algebra II

“Even though it’s an app, Yup is like having a tutor right next to me,” says Mya. “With the virtual whiteboard, they explain the problem thoroughly. They're very patient.” Mya liked working with her Yup tutors so much that she spent her sophomore year regularly honing her understanding of Geometry before moving on to Algebra II in her junior year.

As a homeschool student, Mya takes advantage of the personalized approach Yup offers. “Homeschool kids don’t have the same schedule,” says Michelle. “It’s more sporadic. So having Yup helps us a lot, because it’s so flexible.”

Mya says that her favorite part of using Yup is that she can get help anytime she needs it, right on her phone. For Michelle, the value is more concrete. “Most importantly, Yup is building her confidence by building her abilities. She is learning and retaining concepts, which never really happened before. Besides that, I would be spending SO much more on in-person tutoring!”

Then, there’s the ultimate reward: “The whole family is less stressed because Mya is less stressed about math. No more sleepless nights!”

With Yup at their side, Mya and Michelle are looking forward to a much easier path through the next challenge: Algebra II. “I know she’ll be ready,” Michelle says.

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