videoWhat is Yup for Schools?

May 02, 2020

Yup Math Tutoring provides instant, chat-based help from expert tutors on any math a student is working on. They snap a picture of their problem, answer some questions about the problem, and share any work done so far. Then, they’re connected with an expert tutor who helps them get unstuck, learn the concepts, and try problems on their own. We launched Yup for Schools to help bring personalized math tutoring to students at scale!

What’s Included in a Yup for Schools Partnership

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Actionable Student Data

Your school receives access to a personalized dashboard showcasing student progress metrics and tutoring usage. All tutoring session transcripts are available so teachers and administrators can identify their students' knowledge gaps and supplement their lessons accordingly.

See an Annotated Session Transcript

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Student & Teacher Support

Our remote math tutors are available around the clock to provide students with 1:1 math instruction. Teachers unlock valuable time to focus on lesson planning, grading, and more—all with the peace of mind that their students are getting the additional support they need.

Read the Collegiate Charter HS Case Study

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Strong Learning Habits & Methods

Yup tutors work with students to cultivate transferable, long-term learning habits.  Our tutors teach according to our Understand, Plan, Solve, Check, Reflect (UPSCR) model for problem-solving.  UPSCR encourages students to develop self-monitoring, persistence and reflection habits that extend beyond their math studies.

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Test in a Pilot Before Committing

We use pilots to figure out how schools can derive the most value from a partnership with Yup. In the pilot phase, we discover which students walk away saying it saved them, and which students say it’s not for them.

We believe that access to education should be equitable. Yup for Schools provides schools and districts with remote learning and tutoring support at an accessible price.