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Partnership Spotlight: Yup and ASSISTments

partnershipsPartnership Spotlight: Yup and ASSISTments

January 29, 2022

Yup is excited to share our partnership with ASSISTments. Together, we are committed to expanding teacher capacity and accelerating student learning through actionable data and responsive, real-time support.

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What is ASSISTments?

ASSISTments is a research-based, formative assessment math platform used nationally by over 18,000 teachers and over a half a million students. This award-winning platform enhances math curricula with actionable data for teachers and immediate feedback for students.

Here’s how ASSISTments works: 

  1. Teachers assign problems online from curricula they are already using in class. The ASSISTments platform enhances teachers' existing routines and provides a library of high-quality instructional materials such as Illustrative Math, Eureka Math, and Open Up Resources.
  2. Students get immediate feedback in real-time as they work on their assignments. Teachers will have students who are more engaged and more likely to reach mastery, when they don't have to wait for their work to be graded.
  3. Teachers get immediate reports that help them review and grade assignments and assess where students and the class may need the most support.

The results? ASSISTments has been proven to increase student learning and make homework and classwork more effective for all teachers and students.

  • Teachers can more strategically and efficiently steer their instructional time to best support student understanding. ASSISTments generates real-time assessment data from each individual students' work.  This lets teachers know, before they even start class, what the common misconceptions were and which skills they need to reinforce, on both an individual and whole class level.
  • By providing on-the-spot help during homework time, ASSISTments helps to reinforce a learning culture based on feedback, not right or wrong answers. This aligns with Yup’s Teaching Framework which similarly drives at conceptual understanding over answer-getting.

How does Yup work with ASSISTments?

Through our partnership, when students use ASSISTments, they can access Yup’s live tutors to get the extra help they need. Students can click the “Chat with a Tutor”  button to instantly chat with a live tutor about whatever is blocking their success.

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Click here to view a demo showing how Yup tutoring works within ASSISTments.

I am in! How can I get this for my students?

Now, through June 2022, you can try Yup tutoring with ASSISTments for 6-weeks, at a promotional rate of only $99 per teacher. If you are already a Yup customer, Yup can set you up on ASSISTments for free.

Interested, or simply wish to learn more?

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