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BayTech Featured in EdWeek

yup newsBayTech Featured in EdWeek

August 9, 2021

A few months back we announced that Yup Partner Bay Area Technology School ("BayTech") had won the EduJedi award for using technology to advance learning.

Now, we're extremely proud to highlight BayTech's feature article in EdWeek that showcases how technology can be used to level the playing field for all students, particularly in math.

The Article

In the article, BayTech is a shining example for how to use data and support services to drive learning equity. In particular, the article highlights how BayTech uses a math support software - Yup! - to make learning more accessible for some students.

Yup's Impact

Seth Feldman, superintendent of BayTech, writes:

"This year, in our first round of assessment, we noticed that our middle school boys, by and large, were on track in math, but our girls were struggling a bit. So, I went and visited a few math classes to see what was happening. I found that often, the girls were largely silent while boys were asking all the questions. To better support our girls, we bought access to a service called Yup, which provides anytime live virtual tutoring through an app. Now the girls could ask their questions and get the attention they needed in a setting that they felt more comfortable in. By the second assessment, our girls were performing much better on math because we were able to see that forward-looking data and find a solution. Had we waited until the end of the year, we could have lost a whole group of girls in math, and that is unacceptable."

Understanding Technology's Role

Seth continues to write:

"For all the chaos and uncertainty of the last year, there is a new model of education that must come out of COVID-19. This new model is using technology and integrating it for personalized learning so that kids can accelerate their learning and move on to be college- and career-ready."

The challenges presented by COVID cannot be understated. But the same is equally true for the typical challenges faced by educators. From daily engagement to the Summer Slide, teaching for longterm learning can be a battle

Tools like Yup are a key supplement and support mechanism for students, teachers, and administrators on the front line in the battle to drive student success.

Yup is proud to partner with BayTech and schools like BayTech. A hearty congratulations to Dr. Feldman and the rest of the team!
If you'd like to learn more about how Yup can support your School, please visit yup.com today!

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