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Welcoming Professor Judah Schwartz to Our Education Advisory Board

yup newsWelcoming Professor Judah Schwartz to Our Education Advisory Board

October 4, 2019

The Yup team is thrilled to announce that Professor Judah Schwartz has joined as the head of our growing Education Advisory Board! Professor Schwartz brings decades of experience in math education to Yup. Read some highlights of his academic philosophy and teaching experience on our recent live Quora Sessions Q&A.

Professor Schwartz is an Emeritus faculty member of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and retired with tenure as Professor of Engineering Science and Education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He taught math and did mathematics and science education research at HGSE and taught physics at MIT. After retiring from MIT and Harvard, Professor Schwartz taught math teachers for nearly a decade at Tufts University.

Professor Schwartz is currently researching and contributing to the development of teaching software. He is a prolific academic author and has written extensively about mathematics and education technology. Among his dozens of publications is the influential teacher resource Tasks and Rubrics for Balanced Mathematics Assessment in Primary and Elementary Grades.

Notable courses developed and taught by Professor Schwartz include The Art & Craft of Posing Problems & Making Conjectures in the Mathematics for Teaching Masters’ Program at Harvard. His key areas of interest include the teaching and learning of mathematics, improving modes of assessment, and the ethical and philosophical implications of technology in education.

Professor Schwartz has devoted his life and career to the advancement of mathematics education and we look forward to working with him. Stay tuned for more upcoming news on the development of our Education Advisory Board and Learning Team!

Update May 1st, 2020

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Professor Judah L. Schwartz, distinguished professor of mathematics and member of Yup’s Academic Advisory Board, has passed away. A self-described “failed retiree,” Dr. Schwartz will be remembered and celebrated for his 60+ years of relentless dedication to education in a number of impressive roles and capacities.

He created prize-winning educational software, courses, and publications, including The Semantic Calculator, The Newtonian Sandbox, The Calculus Toolkit, and Assessing Mathematical Understanding and Skills Effectively. Dr. Schwartz’s full bibliography can be found on his website.

Dr. Schwartz will be greatly missed by the Yup Team, his family, and the innumerable colleagues and students he has worked with throughout his esteemed career.


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