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The Impact of EdTech on Homeschooling

EdTechThe Impact of EdTech on Homeschooling

November 24, 2021

Homeschooling has been an alternative to traditional classroom-based education since, well, forever. In recent years, homeschooling has grown in popularity and the COVID-19 crisis kicked this trend up a notch.

In this post, we’ll investigate some of the many ways EdTech is making homeschooling easier, more accessible, and more effective. We will also share some strategies for  implementing EdTech in a homeschooling environment.

How EdTech is Helping Homeschooling

Allows for more flexible scheduling

The rise of digital learning technologies such as resource libraries, video software , and pre-recorded instructional videos have all made it far easier to create flexible learning and instructional opportunities. This allows parents to give their children a more complete and dynamic education from home in a way that was never before possible.

Provides access to more resources than ever before

With the internet, anyone can now access millions of educational materials at the touch of a button. EdTech platforms and channels across the web offer a vast array of resources and tools that, in the past, would have been impossible to access from within the home. Now, homeschoolers can compete with entire schools in terms of resources.

Allows students to link up with additional support

One major challenge for homeschoolers in the past was access to teachers or tutors. Often, parents were required to take on the full extent of the teacher role themselves. This means support in and out of the classroom.

Today, thanks to online platforms like Yup, it’s possible to connect with tutors from around the world, specializing in a variety of subjects. Yup tutors are experts in mathematics and can support parents by providing one-on-one support when needed in all K12 Common Core subjects.

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Tips for better homeschooling with EdTech

Supports structure and routine

Structure is crucial when homeschooling as learners thrive off routine and stability. EdTech can be used to support and enhance this with the help of timekeeping and scheduling tools, lesson planning software, and tools like visual aids and pre-recorded videos. This way, students and their families can easily implement a well-developed curriculum at home, giving learners the benefit of a professional and organized learning environment.

Creates opportunities for more intentional play

One of the biggest challenges with homeschooling is drawing firm lines between work and play. In a traditional school environment, kids go home when the final bell rings and their learning time is (mostly) over. When kids learn at home, there is no such distinction. Parents may be familiar with this from the recent expansion of work from home policies!

It’s incredibly important to mark out times for play and socializing, and EdTech tools can be a great way to do this. Kids can hang out with friends over video chat and software like Discord. Students can also use more gamified learning tools to blend work and play, even during lesson time.

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Use Yup

Yup allows learners to connect with math tutors virtually, supplementing their education with extra sessions from qualified professionals. Schedule a demo with us to find out more about how Yup works.


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