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How EdTech is Transforming Learning Management

EdTechHow EdTech is Transforming Learning Management

November 23, 2021

Learning management is the name given to all the different tools and systems that help make education more efficient and organized. It includes things like documentation, automation, tracking and reporting, and how we create and deliver educational materials. A Learning Management System, or LMS, represents a collection of systems and technologies, all with the goal of improving learning.

During the pandemic, digital learning management tools became even more important. In a time in which many teachers needed to rapidly ramp up their comfort level with digital learning, LMS platforms provided a helpful foundation of support.

Students also appreciated the sense of structure and clarity that LMS platforms provided.  According to research by Capterra, 77% of learners feel that their LMS has had a positive impact on satisfaction, productivity, and teaching during COVID-19. The respondents said they used LMS platforms for virtual teaching, creating and assigning tests and homework, recording grades, and analyzing performance.

This article will take a look at some of the ways EdTech helps improve learning management and make learning more efficient, productive, structured, and valuable.

How LMS platforms support teachers

  • Help teachers do more with less and maximize their time. LMS tools like planners, calendars, and communication software all combine to take the burden off teachers. These tools can significantly reduce the time teachers spend on basic tasks, allowing them to focus more energy and talent on doing what they do best: teaching.

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  • Improve structure. Structure is an essential component of any learning program, and LMS tools can create and enforce structure with the help of lesson planning tools, student monitoring, and a range of digital activities.
  • Insight into metrics and analytics. LMS analytics allow teachers to track their students’ performance in a variety of areas, from attendance and punctuality to their speaking time in class to grades over time. This allows teachers to more easily gain insight into individual student performance and provide additional support when needed.

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  • Easy access to all resources. Digital resource libraries make it easier than ever to access all the materials necessary for teaching, all from your device in your own home. This makes learning management much easier, as both teachers and learners can quickly access everything they need without having to own or borrow a pile of bulky textbooks.
  • A central point for all data. A major challenge for teachers is managing the mountains of information and material that are necessary to do a good job. Learning management software can solve this problem by bringing all data together into one place, making it easily accessible.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both students and teachers became more comfortable with LMSs, driven by the necessity of using technology in many new aspects of learning. It seems likely that LMSs are here to stay, and the benefits they provide will continue to evolve and be widely used long after the pandemic is history.

At Yup, we support teachers by extending their reach so they can offer students the best possible support. We distill data insights and email them to teachers, allowing teachers to better understand how their students are performing on our platform. To find out more, schedule a demo.


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