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August 29, 2019

In our last post, we took a deeper look at some of the teaching methods central to Yup tutoring: building Growth Mindset and using Socratic Method. Now, let’s explore the technology that powers our math tutoring app and facilitates long-term learning.

Smart Matching™

How does Yup pair students with the best tutor for their needs? The answer is Smart Matching, Yup’s proprietary technology that matches students with a tutor based on the tutor’s subject area expertise, the student’s previous experiences with that tutors, and tutor availability.

To give an example of Smart Matching in action, say Yup student Clare needs help on her Pre-Algebra homework. Yup tutor Ms. Klatt is a Pre-Algebra expert, and she and Clare had a tutoring session a few days ago. Clare gave that session a "thumbs up" rating. If Ms. Klatt is not currently working with another student, then she will be prioritized to match with Clare in under 60 seconds. The algorithm that powers Smart Matching makes sure that tutoring sessions are as personalized, effective, and delightful for students as possible.

Communication Tools

When developing the Yup app, we conducted countless surveys to dig into how students want to communicate with tutors. App-based messaging was by far the most preferred method, and it makes sense why! Communication tools like messaging, photo-sharing, and drawing to annotate images are all mediums that students are familiar with. The variety of functionality accommodates visual learning, conversational learning, and beyond.

Session Notes

Students can reap tremendous benefits from revisiting their past tutoring sessions. Reviewing previous sessions reminds students where they got stuck in the past, and how their Yup tutor's personalized approach helped them get unstuck. The Yup app makes it simple for students to quickly access and read through their tutoring sessions, whether they're studying or doing homework.

The Yup team is always hard at work developing more technology to support personalized, one-on-one learning for our students. We'll keep our technology page up to date as we release exciting new features! To learn about providing Yup for your student, visit our enrollment page here.


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