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Mobile math tutoring for students

digital educationMobile math tutoring for students

December 3, 2019

Picture this. It’s 9:30 on a Wednesday night and you just cracked the cover of your Algebra textbook to start homework. It’s been a long day already between school, practice, chores, and extracurriculars. Only inverse functions stand between you and the TV show you're dying to watch! You're blasting through the first problem set feeling focused and confident. You got this! Just like that, somewhere around problem 13...you don’t.

You flip back and forth between the problem and section of the book that you think covers the concept. You dig into the notes from class. Some of it makes sense, and you might be getting it, but the answer doesn’t look quite right. You scroll through your phone looking for someone in your class who might be available to help. You ask a family member, but it’s been years since they’ve touched Algebra!

You move on to the next problem to try and shake your brain up a little bit, which quickly turns into “Wait, what is that? Have we even learned that yet? I don’t remember learning that!” 20 minutes later, you’re still staring at problem 13 and that dream of precious downtime is fading fast. It’s time to ask for help elsewhere.

3 Reasons Why Yup Works for Today’s Students

Yup's app makes it simple for you to get that help, right from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that you’re already comfortable using. Our expert, on-demand tutors provide 1:1 support to help you get unstuck and guide you through the challenges of mastering math concepts. Yup’s tutoring is focused on helping you grow confidence and build up knowledge.

Yup’s tutoring experience is based on proven teaching methods and Stanford-backed research. We understand that today’s students are under a lot of pressure and we’re cognizant of their different learning styles. We designed Yup to meet the needs of today’s students in several key ways...

Personalized Learning

Yup tutoring sessions harness the power of personalized learning. Our proprietary Smart Matching™ algorithm connects you with the right tutor for your needs. A variety of communication tools, including messaging, photo sharing, and a virtual whiteboard, enable you to work 1:1 with that matched tutor in ways best meet your learning style.

If you need to go back and review your personalized session, we provide Session Notes for all of your tutoring so you’ll never have to worry about the distraction of taking your own.

Collaborative and Supportive Instruction

Yup tutors know how to guide you through challenges, collaborating with you rather than teaching at you. Using confidence-boosting approaches based on proven learning strategies like building Growth Mindset, Yup tutors ask the right questions, support your individual learning path, and bridge any gaps in your math knowledge. They will help you reach the right answers, at your own pace, and leave you equipped with the tools needed to solve them on your own.

Ease of Use

Yup tutors are available 24/7, with no scheduling needed. There are never any time limits for tutoring sessions so that you can focus on learning, not the stress of watching the clock while rushing through complex information. From requesting a tutor to reaching the answer, the process couldn’t be simpler: get matched with an expert, send them a photo of your problem, and collaborate at your own pace to find the solution.

Problem 13 doesn't have to derail your evening! Instead, you can use Yup to work 1:1 with a supportive guide, build confidence, and boost your skills in the long run.

See some real Yup tutoring sessions and meet a few of our expert tutors!


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