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Success Story: Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles

school storiesSuccess Story: Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles

July 16, 2020

Meet Collegiate Charter High School

Collegiate Charter (CCHS) is a small and mighty high school located in East Los Angeles, California. The school serves a mostly minority student body—99% of students identify as Hispanic, Black, and Asian. CCHS’s mission is to help all of their students not only gain admission to a 4-year university but also thrive at college. Students of all backgrounds and circumstances are learning to unlock successful futures at CCHS!

Group of students holding university flags

Rigor and personalization are core to the academic programming at CCHS, in order to prepare every student for college. We share this focus at Yup!

“Our tutors ask questions to get to the core of the problem and guide students to dig deeper. The tutoring experience will always vary depending on what students need! Our tutors assess what students understand and what they don’t, and adjust instruction accordingly.”

Kreg Moccia, Yup Director of Academics, on driving academic rigor and personalized instruction in every Yup session

We facilitate long-term learning by teaching students problem-solving skills, rather than simply providing a path to the fastest answer. Our research-backed, one-on-one framework for teaching instantly resonated with CCHS faculty.

Like students around the world, CCHS is experiencing the ups and downs of distance learning due to COVID. We worked with Principal MaryAnn Holland and several of her educators to determine where Yup could play the most impactful role in supporting student learning. As a result, Yup partnered with the school to support its Summer Academy program.

Kicking Off the Partnership

CCHS holds their annual Summer Academy for students who did not pass certain classes during the school year. This summer, there were 28 students enrolled in the program’s math courses covering geometry, algebra I & II, and precalculus. Veteran teacher Cristina Diaz led the charge and taught all Summer Academy curriculum.

To kick off the partnership, Yup made sure all involved teachers and administrators knew exactly how the app works and where to access important metrics on learning. We provided them with a customized dashboard showing real-time stats on student usage, learning progress, and full transcripts of tutoring sessions. Once school faculty was brought up to speed, we introduced CCHS students to the Yup App. After a quick demo, it was off to the races! Students began engaging with tutors within minutes of signing up.

“If I have a question about a session, I go and check [the Yup Dashboard]! The dashboard is exactly what I need and makes grading easy. It helps me find students that need extra help, too.”

— Summer Academy Teacher Cristina Diaz shares the value of Yup’s reporting tools for educators

Driving Long-Term Learning at CCHS

After Summer Academy wrapped up, we spoke to Cristina and her class to hear their feedback. Students voiced appreciation for how Yup tutors taught them the skills to solve problems on their own instead of just giving them the answer.

“Yup really helped me understand precalculus more. I liked how the tutors always asked me to explain how we got the answer to the equation step by step. Their patience is immeasurable!”

— 10th Grade Student Dorothy*

To personalize their teaching and adapt to student understanding, Yup tutors use our Learning Fundamentals in every session. These fundamentals are a proven set of practices to build repeatable learning habits and a growth mindset.

We measure our impact through our Learning Rubric, a framework for assessing student learning through a series of problem-solving steps called UPSCR:

  • Understand
  • Plan
  • Solve
  • Check
  • Reflect

Yup tutors guide students through UPSCR in every session, and learning is measured in each step!

By the end of Summer Academy, 83% of students said they learned more using Yup than if they didn’t have it.

“Sometimes I didn’t understand the way that the videos on Khan Academy would teach me. Yup would work with me at my pace and teach me how to do the problem. They made sure that I understood everything before moving on!”

— 11th Grade Student Cody*

Row of students using laptops

Student Usage Stats

CCHS students experienced real learning using the Yup App, and they used it a lot!

Usage data from the two-week partnership speaks to several successes. We saw that students used the Yup App as a critical resource, averaging 2 tutoring sessions per school day per student. On average, each student received 6 hours of personalized, one-on-one tutoring over the 2 weeks. Fun fact, the longest continuous session was over 3 hours and for algebra! The student gave the session a 👍.

Years of usage and learning data show us that students experience long-term learning gains when they use Yup for at least two 30 minute sessions per week. We share this with all faculty partners during kick off, so they can align their educators toward a unified goal.

Students in classroom wearing Collegiate uniforms

“Yup helped me pass Summer Academy when I believed I couldn't pass!”

— 9th Grade Student Marcus*

With Summer Academy successfully completed, Cristina and her students are getting a well-deserved break. In the meantime, the Yup team is working with CCHS to build a plan to support their math classrooms in the coming school year.

“Yup was incredibly useful and safe. My teachers loved it, and my kids loved it. Not only did I not feel stressed about it, it didn't even make my radar! A ringing endorsement from a principal is that I did nothing!”

— CCHS Principal MaryAnn Holland shares an administrator’s perspective on the partnership

Together, we will empower every student to learn!

*Names have been changed to protect student privacy

Interested in Partnering with Yup?

We know that teachers can’t always be available to give every student one-on-one attention in the classroom—especially in these unfamiliar times of distance learning. Yup is here to help! When partnering with Yup for Schools, teachers, and administrators feel confident knowing their students are getting the personalized, virtual support they need, right when they need it.


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