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Teaching Remote Math During COVID

videoTeaching Remote Math During COVID

August 19, 2020

In this 7-minute video, Director of Academics Kreg Moccia presents the challenges and problems schools face as teaching and learning goes remote.

Teaching math and supporting all students was already a difficult job. Now, teachers are scrambling to figure out how to do it remotely and don’t have the time, resources, or ability to help kids when they need it. Within a few years, it’s going to have a massive impact on drop out rates, college readiness, and career options. This impact is going to be especially pronounced for students in under-resourced communities, particularly students of color.

Teachers are desperately trying to schedule office hours to answer students’ questions, or they are assigning Khan Academy and IXL learning for practice, but kids give up when they get stuck, and teachers have no idea why.

Yup gives kids access to an expert tutor on their device the second they need it. They actually teach math and never give away answers. We measure the learning happening in each session so that teachers can breathe easy and focus on all the other challenges of teaching remotely amid constantly changing conditions. Teachers and kids around the country are calling Yup a life-saver.

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