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What Students Are Saying About Yup

videoWhat Students Are Saying About Yup

August 5, 2020

Discover what students are saying about their experiences with the Yup Math Tutoring App

What do students & teachers alike love Yup?


1:1 Support

Students, their families and schools are supported by Student Success Specialists. Our Specialists make sure that all Yup students receive personalized support so that they can make the most of their tutoring.

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Top Tutors

Yup students receive math instruction from the best of the best. Our tutors are education professionals with an average of 5 years teaching experience, and only 5% of applicants become Yup tutors.


A+ Learning

Every tutoring session is hand-graded by a member of our Tutor Quality Team. This ensures that Yup tutors are adhering to education best practices and providing students with the highest-quality math help.

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