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Why Virtual Tutoring Apps May Be the Best Fit for Your Student

digital educationWhy Virtual Tutoring Apps May Be the Best Fit for Your Student

March 13, 2020

Virtual Tutoring Apps

The popularity of virtual tutoring applications has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, the supplemental education industry (which includes tutoring apps and other e-Learning tools) is valued at an estimated $5 billion, up from an already impressive $500 million in 2001. 

From the convenience factor to engagement-boosting gamification elements, virtual tutoring will only grow in popularity.

Explaining the Popularity of Virtual Tutoring Apps

Virtual tutoring apps provide students and their parents with a slew of positive benefits:

Apps can be there for them anytime, anywhere

Students who use on-demand tutoring apps are just a few taps away from receiving help at all times. This is especially valuable when a student is sick at home, balancing extracurriculars, studying late at night, or any other time an in-person tutor isn’t readily available.

Many virtual tutoring apps incorporate gamification to make learning fun

Incorporating game-like elements such as scores, badges, and quests into learning experiences can help concepts resonate with students in a novel, fun way.

Apps can promote personalized learning

Every student deserves an education that fits their learning style. Virtual tutoring apps allow tutors and students to engage in 1:1 sessions where the tutor learns the student’s unique needs. From there, the tutor can tailor future lessons to ensure they’re an even better fit for the student.

Apps are often more affordable

Mobile app tutoring services are typically more affordable than in-person tutoring for a variety of reasons. For example, apps usually have a flat cost per month versus the per-hour rate of in-person tutoring. The cost of in-person tutoring can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per month!

The pros of virtual tutoring apps are clear, but how do you know if your student could benefit from them?

How to Choose the Right Virtual Tutoring App

If you decide that an online tutoring platform may benefit your student, your next question is probably, "How do I pick the right one?" The following are common quality benchmarks from the most popular options for app-based tutoring services, including Princeton Review.

Make sure the app vets their tutors

The company should rigorously screen their tutors for education experience, personality, and background. This is especially important when you often can’t meet or speak with them in real life as you would with an in-person tutor. 

Read real reviews

Visit the app’s listing on the Apple or Google app stores, and make sure they have real student and parent reviews on their website. Social media can also be a reliable source for unbiased user feedback on online tutor apps.

Ask your student's teachers for their thoughts

Teachers can give insights into where your student may need supplements to their learning. They will help you assess if virtual tutoring or in-person tutoring is a better fit for their students’ learning style!

Want to learn more about how Yup checks the above boxes? Read three reasons our math tutoring app helps students get the personalized, flexible help they need on their own schedule.

How Yup's Virtual Tutoring App Helps Improve Your Student's Math Performance

Yup’s mobile app provides on-demand tutoring access to expert instructors with deep educational knowledge and expertise. 

Yup’s one-on-one instruction opportunities with qualified tutors accelerate concept and skill mastery, improve learning outcomes, and promote a healthy and positive relationship with school and learning. 

Teachers benefit from Yup’s app-based tutoring as well. Yup’s student-friendly platform is designed for independent use during regular classroom activities, making our tutors and learning platform a math teacher multiplier. 

Accessibility Through Mobile App and Desktop

We’re on a mission to bring supplemental learning experiences to students across America. 

That’s why Yup’s intuitive platform and student dashboard are optimized for both mobile and desktop learning. By expanding accessibility options, we hope to improve learning opportunity access to students inside and outside of the classroom. 

Teachers, administrators, and parents who want to learn more about Yup’s world-class mobile app can download the Yup Math tutoring app on your android phone here. Apple users can download the Yup Math tutoring app on the Apple app store

Three Pillars of Yup’s Teaching Framework

Our teaching framework is based on three core pillars that combine to create exceptional learning outcomes. 


Our tutors place empathy at the center of every student interaction. Yup’s expert tutors use routine praise to encourage effort, perseverance, and academic excellence. 

We work with students to recognize, identify, and positively channel challenging emotions that arise during tough lessons and take the time to work through any lingering confusion or uncertainty with patience, kindness, and respect.


Our tutors use a question-based pedagogy to help students develop strong conceptual and procedural mastery over class topics, as well as cultivate and reinforce critical reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills. 

We are committed to meeting students where they are and use prior knowledge assessments and student engagement to set the pace of the lesson and create informational connections between mastered concepts and new challenges. 

We use scaffolded questioning to guide students through problem areas, with the long-term goal of teaching students that confusion and error are natural aspects of problem-solving, rather than insurmountable obstacles. 

This shift in perspective is crucial for long-term academic confidence and achievement. 


Our on-demand tutoring system encourages answers and explanations from students that are precise, accurate, and complete. 

Using a combination of graphical sharing, equation writers, digital whiteboards, and image sharing, our tutors develop a mathematical vocabulary and working process with students that supports rigorous thinking. 

We push learners to examine and justify the accuracy of their answers and explanations in the specific contexts of their problems and topics. 

School Day Integrations

Our learning platform is designed for use inside and outside the classroom. Integrating Yup into your regular classroom routine can support enhanced learning outcomes without adding to the workload of your math department.

High Dosage Tutoring

High Dosage Tutoring utilizes frequent and intensive one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions that aim to accelerate learning and improve conceptual and procedural mastery. 

Our student and teacher-friendly dashboard tracks student sessions so teachers can quickly and conveniently review their class progress.

Targeted Test Preparation

Our strategic and targeted test preparation plans can be used to support students gearing up for state assessments, Advanced Placement exams, and college entrance exams.

Remote Learning Support

Our on-demand platform allows students to instantly access high-quality tutors anywhere, anytime.

24/7 Instructional Support and Homework Help

Students can rely on Yup’s roster of experienced tutors when they need them most. With 24/7 homework help and instructional support a click away, Yup is the perfect learning tool for tech-savvy students. 

Students Can Match With Their Favorite Tutors

Positive relationships with teachers and tutors support higher rates of educational engagement and lead to more positive learning environments. 

Students Can Revisit Past Sessions

Reaching conceptual mastery is crucial before advancing to more challenging or complex topics. 

Students that use Yup always have the option to review and revisit past sessions to ensure they’re 100% prepared to take the next step in their mathematical education.  

Yup App Is Easy to Use

Curious about how Yup works? 

It’s easy! 

We designed Yup to work in four simple steps.

1. The student submits a math problem

Students upload a photo or screen capture of a math problem.

2. The student connects to a live tutor in seconds

Our Smart Matching software scans our online tutors for the best fit for the subject area and question. 

Smart Matching also screens students’ past tutoring sessions to identify tutors they connected with in the past to support strong student-tutor familiarity and trust. 

3. The student and tutor start solving together

Students and tutors use a secure virtual classroom to collaboratively discuss and solve the problem in question using a variety of visual and instructional aids. 

4. The teacher has all session data on their Yup Dashboard

Teachers can review their Yup Dashboard to track student usage, review transcripts, and read personalized tutoring summaries after every session. 

Improve Math Performance With Yup’s Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutoring offers an accessible, cost-effective method for teachers and school districts to boost flagging math competencies and develop crucial academic skills. The best app for online tutoring addresses students’ needs quickly, efficiently, and with sufficient expertise.

Book a demo today to learn more about our math teacher multiplying high-dosage tutoring platform and how it can benefit your students and school district.


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